How To Fix a Spray Bottle That Does Not Spray

May. 07, 2021

How To Fix a Spray Bottle That Does Not Spray

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Many household cleaning products are packed in spray bottles, and spray bottles are usually designed to make it difficult for people to get the last bit of product. Not only that, the nozzle will be clogged, and the spray mechanism itself will stop working. Many of these problems can be corrected, so you don't have to buy a new bottle of product, you can save the empty bottle and use it again.

What can go wrong

The operation of the pump spray bottle relies on a spring-loaded plastic piston, which is operated by a trigger or a vertical pump mechanism. When you pull the trigger or press the pump, the piston of the piston forcibly releases the liquid through the nozzle chamber, usually equipped with a screw-on adjustment cap. The piston automatically retracts after each spray, creating a vacuum chamber to absorb more liquid from the bottle though the tube. If your sprayer does not work, either the nozzle is clogged, the piston seal is damaged, or the inner tube is not immersed in liquid.

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Blocked nozzle

If the spray bottle contains oil or other things that may harden, such as hairspray, you may need to clean the nozzle regularly. Before you do this, turn a quarter turn counterclockwise, unscrew the nozzle cap, and spray again. If the nozzle is too tight, your sprayer may be working. If not, unscrew the cap, place it in hot tap water, or soak it in vinegar, and then poke a hole in the clogged nozzle with a pin. If you have hairspray in your bottle, soak the nozzle in alcohol. If the blockage is severe, you may need to unscrew the entire sprayer from the bottle and soak it in vinegar or alcohol.

Extension tube

The plastic tube connected to the sprayer is designed to reach the bottom of the bottle, but it often curls, and when the liquid level is low, its end protrudes from the liquid in the bottle. You can prevent this by using a one-foot-long 1/8-inch plastic pipe from a hardware store. Cut the existing pipe so that only one inch is connected to the sprayer, then push the 1/8 inch pipe over it and connect the other end of the 1/8 inch metal nut. Even if you tilt the bottle to one side or turn it over, the weight keeps the test tube immersed.

Fixing other problems

When you pump in the piston and it does not retract, the reason is usually that the spring is broken or missing, but sometimes the spring pops out of place. Springs are not always available, but if available, you can usually find alternatives in hardware stores. If the spring cannot be accessed or the piston seal fails, you need to replace the sprayer. When the seal fails, the trigger works, but the sprayer provides very little liquid, and you can improve the performance of the sprayer by spraying vegetable oil through it.